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Champion Tatoo du Bois Courcol,
Trialer, CACS, CACT


All Earned in French Field Trials and Shows

Tatoo is the first and only American owned Epagneul Breton to have  earned his TRIALER title in France while owned by us and handled by Bill, and to have earned France's ranking as a "RECOMMENDED SIRE".

He achieved his Trialer title by competing in both spring and fall field trials in 2004 and he also received two CACS by winning 2 beauty shows in France in 2004 one of which was judged by M. Riva, a specialist in the breed.


Tatoo was awarded an "Excellent" and a trophy at the French club's big 2004 field trial in Vimpelles - AND all before he turned 2 years old!


He has now gone on to win a CACT in the 2005 France trials as well as a Tres Bon with Bill handling him. And he was awarded an Excellent in France's National Breed Show June 19, 2005 by M. Martini, which qualifies him now as a Recommended Sire - the first and only such achievement for any Breton in the USA!
 Hip Score: A

Tatoo, handled by Bill, received a CACT in France in the field trial at Fontaine 3/24/05!! This was a first for any American owned dog, and Bill is the first American handler in a French field trial to accomplish this.

These are of course wild partridge trials, no released birds, with handlers on foot. Tatoo had three excellent points during his run, and at distances that they all required the couler which were performed perfectly each time.

Tatoo has attained his TRIALER title in France by competing and winning in both spring and fall trials in France. And Tatoo has also attained the status as a RECOMMENDED SIRE, the only dog in North America to have attained this.


Champion Ultra de la Source aux Perdrix, Trialer, CACS, CACT

RCACT in SCC Coupe de France
CACT, two RCACT, two EXC and six TBs in the Spring Trials.
6 CACTs, 3 RCACTs, 3 EXCs and one TB in the fall trials.
EXC. in National EB Show
All Earned in French Field Trials and Shows

Ultra won his championship title in the Fall 2006 field trials, and accumulated a total of 6 CACTs, 3 RCACTs, 3 EXCs and a TB in the fall trials.

He has obtained his Deep Water Retrieve, required for his fall title and has been awarded EXCellent in conformation. He has his Trialer title and currently has a Cotation rating of 3/6.
He now has won a CACT, two RCACT, two EXC and six TBs in the Spring Trials as well.  Hip Score: A


In France it is a requirement that a dog must earn wins in both the field and conformation shows in order to obtain a title in either venue. This "total dog" concept is one that we at Plum Creek have long adhered to and believed in, and one that has made France successful in maintaining the hunting ability and the look of the breed.

It has always been our belief that we could take the dogs we own from the field and enter and win show events because "type" has always been an important factor for us.


Field work will always be #1 at our facility, and shows are few and far between in our neck of prairie, but we have participated at shows in the US and have traveled to France to enter dogs in their National shows to obtain required wins. How a dog is built does effect its field work. Splayed feet break down. Slab ribs don't allow for adequate breathing during strenuous exercise causing fatigue, etc.



Coupe d'Europe3.jpg

For the first time in history the USA was allowed to compete in the European Cup for Continental Breeds held this year in the Czech Republic.

With Tatoo and Ultra both having the qualifications necessary to be entered in this competition, Bill was approved to represent the USA with our dogs.

We are very happy to report that Tatoo was awarded a Tres Bon in the Coupe and which made him one of only six dogs to receive an award in this prestigious event.

The Coupe is representative of the best dogs of the continental breeds in the world. Each year the Coupe is held in a different country. This year it was held in the Czech Republic and there were teams from 14 different countries competing.

All in all it was a good year for Plum Creek, Bill and our dogs. With six wins in France and the win at the Euro Cup amongst the best dogs in the world, we are very happy and proud of our boys!

For a longer report  you can read the article COMPETING ON THE WORLD STAGE.


Ultra wins EXCELLENT in the 2009 Euro Cup Trial of Excellence
and wins EXCELLENT in 2009 Coupe de Spain!


For the second year in a row Bill represented the U.S.A. at the Coupe d'Europe (Euro Cup) with the AKC's sanctioning.

The Coupe was hosted this year in Osuna, Spain.

Pictured with him are our dogs Ultra de la Source Aux Perdrix and Tatoo du Bois Courcol.


This year Ultra received an award of Excellent in the Trial of Excellence at the Euro Cup and was awarded an EXCELLENT in the Coupe d'Spain. Tatoo was also awarded an EXCELLENT and a Tres Bon in his competitions.

These were trials held on wild birds under less than favorable conditions. We're proud of the fine showing and for the opportunity to represent the U.S.A. at these events.



Bill receiving the trophy for the RCACT at the Coupe de France awards ceremony.


Our dream was to have the opportunity to enter a dog in the SCC Coupe de France. A dog must be pre-qualified with a certain level of previous wins in order to be eligible for this field trial and entries consist of the current best dogs in France and Europe. Because Ultra obtained his championship title in the fall of 2006 he was qualified to enter this prestigious trial this spring. Bill handled Ultra himself in the French Cup, as well as all the other spring trials, and we are excited to report that Ultra won a Reserve CACT in the cup!

Ultra and Bill returned home with a total of five placements out of ten spring 2007 trials, bringing Ultra just a bit short of the requirements for his spring championship title. He ranked 27th out of all dogs competing in France Spring 2007 trials with 99 points, not bad since we can only be there for a short time rather than the entire trial season. In the Fall 2006 trials where Ultra got his championship he ranked 7EX with 67 points with 73 points being the most awarded that year.

Adon de Plum Creek wins trialer title
in France trials in 2011 and 2012

Lucky was bred by us at Plum Creek Kennels and has been trained solely by Bill. Bill handled Lucky in the Spring 2011 Field Trials in France and in the Fall 2012 Field Trials in France. (click here to go to the slideshow for Spring 2011).

He is pictured above with the trophy for his RCACT win.

Lucky's wins completed all the requirements necessary for him to get his TRIALER title. He also won an EXcellent classification in the Travail division of the breed show at Nantes.

The fall field trials in France are held on wild woodcock, partridge and wild pheasants. There are no released birds and they're on foot.

Sire: Tatoo du Bois Courcol
Dam: Oseille du Hameau de Sorny


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