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COMMENTS: Evee's grandfather, Tatoo, has attained his Trialer title in France as well as having attained France's status as a "RECOMMENDED STUD", a status that only a few studs in France have achieved and he is the only stud in America with this status. Tatoo was the first American dog ever to compete in the Euro Cup in 2008 as well as to win a classification in it.

 His international accomplishments include:
 CACT winner in Spring Trial Fontaine, France
 Tres Bon winner in 2008 Euro Cup
  Additional Awards: Excellent in 2009 Spring trial-Spain
  Excellent in 2008 Spring trials -France
 Excellent in 2004 Spring trials, France
 Excellent 2004 Fall trials, France,
 Awarded seven Tres Bons wins in Spring trials, an
 Excellent in the National French Breed Show, and
 2 CACS wins in shows in France
 UKC Champion

Her mother is an excellent dog in the field with a sweet, loving personality and her sire is a natural athlete. Her grandfather, Ray, on the sire's side was the top winning dog in France for several years.

Evee has inherited all the natural ability and natural talent on birds that her dam, sire and grandparents possess. A natural retriever with great desire and a wonderfully sweet personality.

Hip Grade:  OFA GOOD

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