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Granddaughter of Tatoo and GG Granddaughter of our dogs Cliathan Archer (Crockett) and Patouche


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OFA Certified Hips GOOD

Harlow has beautiful conformation and has inherited the natural ability and the bird drive that her parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were famous for. We are proud to carry on our lines through Harlow, a perfect specimen of an Epagneul Breton.

Harlow's sire, Diego is out of two imported parents. His mom, Ree (Reine) was intensely determined in the field, had great natural ability and has a pedigree that goes back to some of France's greatest Bretons. Diego's sire, Tatoo, has attained his Trialer title in France as well as having attained France's status as a "RECOMMENDED STUD",

a status that only a few studs in France have achieved and he is the only stud in America with this status. Tatoo was the first American dog ever to compete in the Euro Cup in 2008 as well as to win a classification in it. And Tatoo has had a career hunting with our lodge's clients on wild pheasant, quail, sharptail and grouse.

Harlow's mom, Ellie, is related to some of our original studs, Crockett and Patouche, and she inherited their natural skill for hunting and their loving temperaments! She is extremely good in the field with lots of natural ability and she's a natural retriever and loves the water.

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