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We permanently identify each pup we produce with a microchip which can be read by universal scanners commonly used by most shelters or veterinary clinics. We do this for the safety and well-being of each pup so that it can return safely and quickly to its home. And it does, as well, satisfy the requirements of various organizations for permanent identification.

A.V.I.D. stands for American Veterinary Identification Devices. HOME AGAIN is another popular brand of chips in use. A microchip is a tiny computer chip which has an identification number programmed into it. It is encased in a smooth, strong biocompatible glass and is small enough to fit into a hypodermic needle. They are implanted by way of standard injection like a vaccine is administered. Once a pup is injected with the chip he can be identified throughout his lifetime by this one-of-a-kind number. His identification can not be altered, lost or intentionally removed. The microchip is designed with an operating life of over 25 years and is guaranteed for the life of the animal. The chip requires no care and does not move around because connective tissue forms around it anchoring it into place.

In the event the dog should become lost or stolen, a shelter or veterinarian can scan for a chip then contact AVID, who will put the shelter or veterinarian in touch with us, and we will in turn contact you, unless you desire to transfer the registration into your name, which you can easily do by paying a small fee which is good for life and registering it with PETtrac or with HomeAgain, and then they will contact you directly. You could move or change your phone number and then we would not be able to reach you, therefore we would recommend that you transfer the chip into your name(s).

You can contact:

PETtrac by calling them at 800-336-2843 to transfer into your name and contact info.

MicroshipID by calling them at 800-434-2843, or by registering online at

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