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Plum Creek Kennels breeds French brittanys of European lineage - the Epagneul Breton!


We are vehemently committed to maintaining and continuing the meticulous breeding practices that in Europe produced and maintained this breed's traits and temperaments for generations. We base our breeding choices and priorities on the entire dog not just to produce a particular color. Our criteria includes:

Natural hunting and retrieving ability
ALL parents hips certified prior to breeding!
Correct Type (conformation)

Testing to eliminate the recessive sable coat color trait

We strictly adhere to the International standard for brittany spaniels and we strive to breed the best French brittany gun dogs we possibly can, dogs that are a joy to live with and you're proud to hunt with, companions that play with your children, steal your chair and your heart, but know when the shotgun comes out it's time to get down to business.

In order to accomplish those goals, we searched, researched, tested and selected only the best to build our foundation blood lines. There's no place in our breeding program for an "average" dog.   We didn't get to this point overnight, nor even in a year or two.  We've been breeding french brittanys now for nearly two decades and because we are serious breeders committed to the betterment of this breed in the United States, we have imported many of our dogs out of some of Europe's best lineages for our breeding program.

We decided from day one that we wanted to produce gun dogs with exceptional natural hunting ability.  We set our goals, priorities and the standard by which we expect our dogs to perform. Our parents are tested and proven in the field, under actual hunting conditions and we select for natural retrieving ability as well as natural hunting ability.  Each one of our breeding stock have excelled in hunting & retrieving ability, intelligence, birdiness,  conformation, temperament, personality, and soundness.  We feel that ALL of these traits are absolutely necessary in order to determine if the genetics that we want in our parents are there for their pups to inherit.

Exceptional pointing dogs - perfect for home and field.


Art & Mary Heitzler

E-Mail US

PO Box 3428 Fredricksburg, Tx 78624


We provide all up to date shots and wormings, dewclaws are removed and tails docked if necessary. Each pup will have it's permanent identification in the form of an Microchip implant at no additional cost to you.

Our parents are all dual registered with the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club, and many of our imported dogs are registered in European clubs as well.  We will provide you with registration forms for the United Kennel Club and you will receive a limited AKC registration form so that you can register your puppy with both or either of them.

The AKC limitation only means that the dog cannot be bred. You can still enter your dog in AKC events (except shows as they are not eligible under. AKC anyway) with a limited registration. If you desire to have an unlimited AKC registration on your dog you should make arrangements with us to pay the additional $500.00  fee to have the limitation removed or you can make arrangements prior to purchase. The limitation will be removed upon appropriate arrangements and as long as the naming convention has been adhered to.

The limitation does not affect the dog's ability to be entered in any AKC field, obedience or agility event (you cannot show French brittanys in AKC anyway).  If you choose only one entity to register with we would recommend choosing AKC since that is the only internationally recognized registering body for the USA. The AKC also offers a complimentary, 60-day trial veterinary plan on your registered pup. Go to our links page for more information.

See our FAQs page and COSTS AND SHIPPING LINK for additional info. And please explore the links below.

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