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  • Included here are articles written by Bill & Kathy Dillon that have been published in Pointing Dog Journal, Bird Dog News, Bloodlines and various other magazines.  From time to time we add something here we've written in hopes it will be of some interest or value to dog owners in general and French brittany owners in particular.

  • Some articles written by others are published here, with permission.

  • Just pick a title from the list or thumbnails below and click to read.

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Mitchell Daily Republic Article

A First in France
by Bill Dillon

Competing on the
World Stage

by Bill Dillon


Interview with Bill Dillon
 American bretonnier

 by Jacques Morrier
 An English translation is included with the original article (in French)

The first book in the U.S.A. written in English about the French Brittany!

Bill and Kathy Dillon pass on their decades of experience and knowledge of the breed in their book, THE FRENCH BRITTANY, L’ EPAGNEUL BRETON IN THE U.S.A. The book includes information on the Epagneul Breton, a study of the breed standard, genetics, some history of the breed, what to do with your pup when it gets home, how to get it started in the right direction, building bird passion and continues on to whoa training, the field training of your dog and hunting as well as safety and equipment.


It's a full color book with lots of pictures of wonderful Epagneul Bretons.

Click on the book to the left to get a copy.

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