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Puppy Socialization


We feel that a well socialized pup is of prime importance and we believe the socialization process must begin from day one of their life. We put great emphasis and invest a great deal of time socializing our pups because we believe it is the lasting foundation of a well adjusted dog. From week one I am clipping nails, touching toes and ears, and handling the babies. As they get older "play" time is incorporated in socialization time.


 At the same time we are playing with them I am evaluating their personality development, gait and movement, structure and a myriad of other things while we revel in the pure joy only a puppy at play can inspire!


If we can answer any other questions for you we'd be glad to do so if you'd like to phone us or email.


We have developed our own "puppy testing" which is a multi-step process, learned from a lifetime of experience, that takes place over the course of the weeks of socialization of the pup.

Utilizing the information we have gathered during this time frame allows us to place a pup in its new home based on its personality and this process.  We have utilized this process for nearly two decades now and it has been highly successful.

Our desire is for you to be happy with your dog for the next 12 or 15 years and for the dog to live a happy life in its new home.

Whether it's in our home, or in our special puppy nursery, beginning their life in a "home" environment where my granddaughters and I can sit on the carpet and play with them is one of the extra measures we've established at our kennel.

Or we take them into the yard and the puppy playground and let them chase butterflies and romp in the grass.


If you haven't read about Picking a Pup, Naming, Microchips or our Breeding Program yet,
 please click on the puppy picture below.

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