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Picking A Puppy


Some people ask about how pups are chosen for them or ask about "pick of the litter" possibilities.

Which pup would you choose from this litter? The one with the narrow blaze, the wider blaze or perhaps no blaze? The one with more color or less color? Maybe you've read about the latest puppy testing theory, laying them on their back or picking the pup that comes to you first. 

There's more to a dog than where the spots are laid out, or taking your chances on which one happens to run up to you first. Rather than that, we evaluate the whole pup and we have weeks to do so for the new owners.

When a new owner comes to "pick" a pup they have perhaps an hour to make their choice, which is nothing more than basically expecting them to take a shot in the dark and hope for the best. In addition, since our pups are placed in homes from Alaska and Canada to South America and beyond, not everyone can make the trip to Texas in order to make a choice.


They need to be able to rely on their breeder to have the knowledge and experience to make a good choice for them.

You can specify a gender and/or color preference if you desire when you make your reservation.


If you desire such a specification, the preference you request is respected and the choice made is within that color/gender. Then we do our best to choose the pup for you based on your description of your likes and desires, your family circumstances, your activity and hunting level, etc.

We have developed our own puppy testing which is a multi-step process that takes place over the course of the weeks of socialization of the pup. Utilizing the information we have gathered during this time frame allows us to place a pup in its new home based on its personality and this process. 


We have utilized this process for nearly three decades now and it has been highly successful.

Our desire is for you to love and be happy with your dog for the next 12 or 15 years and for the dog to live a happy, fulfilling life in its new home. If we can answer any other questions for you we'd be glad to do so if you'd like to phone us.  

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