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Plum Creek Kennels


Naming Convention

Click here for a list of "R" names.

We adhere to the naming convention utilized in France and give the pups we produced a registered name beginning with the letter for that year followed by our kennel name, Plum Creek. By utilizing this procedure anyone can easily recognize by the dog's name 1. the year in which it was born and 2. the kennel that produced it, thereby continuing European traditions relevant to the Epagneul Breton.

By doing so we respect not only the tradition of France but also that which is a common practice in the dog world in general where the breeder's kennel name is part of the dog's registered name. We have been serious breeders committed to the betterment of this breed in the United States and we have spent a great amount of resources importing many dogs out Europe's best lineages over two decades for the foundation of our kennel and the pedigrees we produce, and we have spent more than twenty years developing the lines that are now behind the pedigree of your dog. Therefore we require that this naming convention be adhered to in order to remove the AKC limitation status.  Therefore the dog's registered name will be (Name) de PLUM CREEK.


We develop a list of names each year as options from which you may choose. If you would like to make a choice for your pup's first name, you may do so and let us know what that is prior to pick up or shipping time, or we will make a choice for you. Registered names are traditionally much more formal names than most people end up calling their dogs, thus the term "call name". The call name, or a nick-name, does not have to be in any way related to or resemble the registered name, but it can be incorporated into the name if desired.


All dogs born within a certain year must be named with the letter of the alphabet that corresponds to that year followed by the name of the kennel that produced the dog.  For instance, in the year 2002 all dogs born were required to be registered with a name beginning with the letter T.   In 2001 it was the letter S, 2000 it was R, etc. In this fashion you can tell by looking at the registered name of the dog 1. what year it was born and 2. what kennel it came from.  In France the system is set up to go through the alphabet, skipping the letters k,q,w,x,y and z, and beginning over with A every twenty years.

The letter for 2020 is R, Click here for a list of "R" names.

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