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Costs and Shipping


Buyers who wish to secure a French Brittany pup may do so by making a reservation and paying a deposit. We accept $750.00 as a minimum deposit towards the purchase of your French Brittany pup. This deposit is deducted from the total purchase price when the transaction is completed. Total purchase price for our pups is $1500.00 plus Texas sales tax of 6.25%.


Deposits are accepted in chronological order. Buyers may specify a gender or color preference at the time of their reservation. If the gender/color preference is not available, for whatever reason, the deposit will automatically roll to the next litter. If the timing is not good for the buyer, the depositor may roll his reservation over to a later time within reason and only as agreed upon by the breeder.

Since we plan breedings around your reservations, deposits are non-refundable should you decide to cancel the purchase plan. By making your deposit you confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions of the reservation.

We provide all up to date shots and wormings, dewclaws are removed and tails docked if necessary. Each pup will have it's permanent identification in the form of a Microchip implant at no additional cost to you.


We encourage buyers to come to our kennel to receive the pup they have purchased. However, we know that is not possible for everyone and so we can and often do ship by air. Shipping and all related costs are the responsibility of the buyer. When we ship the pup to you by air, the freight charges must be prepaid at originating airport and arrangements made by the shipper (us).  Shipping will include air cargo fee, veterinarian exam and travel forms, a $150 dollar airport transportation fee and a airline approved hard sided kennel for shipping. The airport we ship out of is a three hour round trip drive for us. You will be able to retain and utilize the shipping kennel for crate training, housebreaking and transportation.  When shipping by air the arrangements are all made on our end - all you have to do is be there for the pickup!


We have had great success with the airlines, they have taken good care of the pups we have shipped. They arrange the trip so that the pup gets to you in the quickest time possible and in our experience have been very conscientious in their care of our youngsters.

State and local sales tax will be added to the cost of the pup where applicable. Visa/MC fees may be applied to balances put on a card.

Our Guarantee Policy: We guarantee the pups we produce through our breeding program in regards to a major hereditary genetic disease until one year of age. For the purpose of hip certification we guarantee the pups we produce for two years. An OFA permanent certification or determination at the age of 24 months is required. We will take the dog back and replace it with a pup providing the problem is documented by your veterinary and confirmed by our veterinary as inherited. All shipping or transportation is the responsibility of the owner. We do not reimburse veterinary costs. If your dog has been bred, or if your dog was spay/neutered prior to the age of 12 months, any and all guarantees or remedies are voided. (spayneuter.pdf) The guarantee applies to the original owner and the originally purchased pup only.


Art & Mary Heitzler

PO Box 3428

Fredricksburg, Tx 78624


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