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 Owners of a pup often wonder is what size their pup will end up when it is full grown. As an effort to assist with that we have provided a chart that will approximate their growth at varying stages. This is by no means presented as being exact, but it will give you a pretty good idea.

          Although weight can be estimated using this chart, there can be a significant variance since weight is effected by the type of food being fed, how much is being fed, the level of the dog's activity etc. Males do of course end up a little larger than females at maturity. But the growth of a French brittany continues until they are about two years old. The height growth has generally ended by that time. From that time the muscle and girth fill out, especially in male dogs. Please be aware that if you did not take our advice on not spaying or neutering until your pup is 12-14 months old this growth chart will not apply because spaying and neutering causes the growth plates to not close when they are supposed to and therefore the dog grows more in height than it is supposed to. Please see this link for an more in-depth explanation: The Benefits of Spaying or Neutering.

          To use the chart, the blue line is for females, the red line is for males. Find the age in months of your pup across the bottom of the chart. Where the line crosses the axis for growth represents the percentage of growth your dog is at for that particular age. This is the percentage of the mature size of the dog at 2 years of age. At 4 months of age both males and females are at 40% of their mature size. At 6 months males are about 80% and females about 87%. So to calculate, at 2 months of age a male dog that weighs 11 pounds would be at the 28%, this would be the same for its height as well. To find the mature size, the formula would be 11 lbs/28% x 100 = 39.25 pounds. This is of course assuming that the dog is fed and exercised correctly.

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