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Bill was invited to walk with Henri Guelou, a judge and confirmateur in France, as well as a director of the board of the CEB of France,during the field trials while he was judging at both the field trials in Fosse and the field trial in Artenay where the CEB of France holds their big spring event. This was a great honor and privilege afforded to few for which we are truly appreciative.  It was an opportunity to get a hands-on, personal observation of the trials in France to be certain that the interpretation of the rules and method of judging by the European standards was entirely clear and it was an opportunity to be immersed in the rich tradition behind these events.

David Hayes, Bill Dillon, HX Guelou (Artenay)

The first leg of the trip was to Ireland, meeting with David Hayes, Chairman of the Club de l'Epagneul Breton of Ireland and Kate Bride, President of the Irish club and attending a conformation show in Dublin, continuing on to France from there. Since the trip was for an extended length of time, there was ample opportunity to tour kennels and to meet breeders, handlers and many wonderful people.


We can hardly do justice to the trip by trying to put it in print, but we would like to share it the best we can through a pictoral summary. When not at the field trials elsewhere in France, most of the time was spent in Brittany, the birth place of our breed, touring the kennels and meeting with people in Callac and elsewhere within Bretagne.

The total dog concept utilized by France has successfully preserved the breed throughout all these decades in the country of origin, and it is this concept of the "total dog" that we are striving to maintain and  promote at our kennels.

Guelou (Judge), B. Dillon at Fosse


Freddy Celen, President Belgium CEB 
 Dog: Yorik Patryzenveld

While at the field trial in Artenay Bill met an amature handler, Dominique Pozo, who had a beautiful orange/white roan female with him.


This happened to be March 24 which was, coincidentally, our anniversary. What better anniversary present could we have given ourselves!? Her name is Samba (right) and comes with a very impressive pedigree.


Her sire is CH. Indy de Saint Lubin, (CACS, CHP, CHA, CHT, CHIB, CHIT) a very sought after stud in France who is a Champion of spring and fall trials, a champion of international trials, a champion of international beauty and a champion of beauty in France. 


Her dam, CH. Java du Bois Courcol, is also a champion of both spring and fall field trials.   

Follow this link to go to the trial in Fosse ...


Point on Grey Partridge, Artenay

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