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CEB of France National Exhibition June 2005

Tatoo - now a Recommended Sire - in the ring at the France 2005 National Show where he received an EXCELLENT rating in the Male Field Trialers Class.


The total dog concept utilized by France has successfully preserved the breed throughout all these decades in the country of origin, and it is this concept of the "total dog" that we are striving to maintain and  promote at our kennels.

The total dog is sometimes referred to in this country as "dual dogs". Whichever term is used - dual dog or total dog - what it refers to is dogs that perform - in the case of our 

breed that means hunting, pointing and retrieving upland birds - as well as being within the standard for the breed.

We're not a "show" kennel. We own a wild pheasant hunting lodge and our first priority is dogs that perform at a superior level in the field. But reaching the level of being a RECOMMENDED STUD was, we felt, a worthwhile goal to strive for. With less than 100 dogs in France currently rated as such, it is a rating of some significance and he is the first and only dog in America to reach this goal.

We had dual reasons for this trip. Our personal desire to spend time with old friends and to tour some of the country but we also wanted to enter Tatoo in the French club's National Breed Show. He already has his Trialer title, which he earned in both the spring and fall field trials of 2004. He finished up the requirements for that title a little after he turned 2 years old. In 2004 he also got 2 CACS in two different shows in France. However, in order to obtain the ranking of a "RECOMMENDED SIRE", a dog is required to win no less than an Excellent in the French club's National Show. And we are very happy to report that he did receive an EXCELLENT and thus is now one of the few dogs that are rated a Recommended Sire and the only dog in America with such a rating.


On Friday night prior to the banquet there was a "mock" bull fight where the matadors gracefully jumped out of the way or over the back of the bulls, and the men tried to put rings on the horns of the bull as it charged them, causing them to dive headlong for the protective fencing.


The CEB organized some lovely banquets on both Friday and Saturday nights consisting of many courses of wonderful food and many hours of laughter and visiting with old friends and new. Saturday was the day of the TAN (natural ability tests) and Sunday was the show, which lasted all day long with approximately 256 dogs entered.

Folk singers from the local area.


We also attended the SCC's National All Breed Show in Lyon the weekend prior to the CEB National EB show. There were 60 rings going at once with thousands of people and dogs in attendance. After the show in Lyon we traveled to the south tip of France, Port Carmargue on the Mediterranean and we toured Carcassone and it's amazing castle and ancient walled city. All in all it was a wonderful experience! Click here to view some pictures from our tour of France.

Patouche Toscane - Best of Breed winner. Pat Rush, England, Owner

Rapide about to enter the ring at Lyon

Bill and Tatoo at the National Exhibition

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