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We own a wild pheasant hunting lodge and our first priority is dogs that perform at a superior level in the field.

The total dog concept utilized by France has successfully preserved the breed throughout all these decades in the country of origin, and it is this concept of the "total dog" that we are striving to maintain and  promote at our kennels. Therefore, in addition to Tatoo's field ability at our lodge and his trial wins, he has also won two shows in France and gotten two CACS for those, and he also won a rating of Excellent at the 2005 CEB's National Breed Show.

He has a Trialer title in France, and with his wins in both Spring and Fall trials, plus his Excellent win at the National Breed show in France, he is now rated by France as a RECOMMENDED SIRE, a very elite rank in France and the only dog in America with his accomplishments.

Bill and Tatoo with the trophy from his CACT field trial win. The first American owned Breton to win a CACT in France and the first American handler to do so even fifteen years later!

Field trials in France are walking trials that are held on strictly wild birds. In the spring it's partridge. FCI rules are exacting, the dogs must be steady to wing and shot, must be under control of the handler, must not be verbally encouraged, must quarter actively and point the birds with authority and the drivers must handle quietly to name just a few of the requirements. The trials are held on continuous courses, therefore no dog is required to run over ground that has been previously covered by another dog.

Bill spent all of March 2005 in France participating in the field trials and handling Tatoo himself. This was a first for any American to do, and wasn't an easy task considering the language barriers. The first few that Tatoo were entered in were cancelled due to snow (no training or trialing of dogs is allowed in France if there is any amount of snow on the ground). Some alternative trials were entered and by then the snow melted and the remaining trials went on as scheduled.

Tatoo had three excellent points during his run at Fontaine where he won the CACT, and they were at distances where they all required the couler which were performed perfectly each time.

The judge, M. Louis, told Mr. Gubbe, who presented Bill with Tatoo's trophy, that Tatoo ran an excellent course perfectly and was an excellent Breton. 

In addition, Tatoo was also awarded a TRES BON in the field trial at Fresnoy le Grande on March 26, 2005 which is in the north of France about 80 km from the Belgium border. So we feel that coming home from France with two trophies made for a very successful and rewarding trip as well as being a first for any American handler!


 Field Trial at Fontaine.


 Barrage at Fontaine.


Judge at Fontaine


Some of our French friends, also drivers (handlers) at the trials.


Handlers with some setters and Bill's Avis rental van!



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