Being committed French brittany breeders we have spent many years traveling to France and establishing personal relationships, giving us the unique opportunity to select and import the best French brittany blood lines in Europe.  Hunting is a way of life for Plum Creek French Brittanys. We guided clients with our dogs for over two decades, so the bar of expectation in the field for our French brittanys  has always been necessarily quite high. Selective breeding with proven French brittanys of extreme skill and natural ability has resulted in the best French Brittany program in the country.  


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Bill and Kathy

 French Brittany Gun Dogs from Pheasant Country
Introduction and History
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French brittanys are the original brittany spaniel, the Epagneul Breton, a close working bird dog, calm yet energetic, with a fantastic nose and uncanny bird sense. The French brittany spaniel is quick and fiercely intelligent, a combination of sweet disposition and reckless courage. French brittanys are gun dogs of high intelligence, uncanny bird sense, with natural hunting and retrieving ability, are affectionate and loyal and who are always anxious to please you - their best friend!

        The French brittany hunts within gun range and checks back with you his partner, which is what makes them a great breed for the foot hunter. French brittanys hunt for you, you don't have to hunt for him! French brittanys will put in a whole day's hunt, no matter the weather or cover, his energy seemingly bottomless, yet ease calmly right into the home without disrupting the  household. With the French brittany spaniel's compact stature, he is light and quick on his feet, which perhaps is what gives him such endurance.

The French brittany spaniel's hunting instinct, intelligence and stature are the result of meticulous European breeding practices of the brittany spaniel breed.  And we are vehemently committed to maintaining and continuing the same meticulous practices - designed to produce the French Brittany spaniel that falls within the (European) FCI international standard for the French brittany spaniel, the Epagneul Breton, as well as being gun dogs that are a joy to live and hunt with, that play with your children, steal your chair and your heart, and know when the shotgun comes out it's time to get down to business.

The French brittany is definitely our breed of choice! 


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Exceptional pointing dogs - perfect for home and field.

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